To Voice the Life-Changing Message of Jesus Christ

Voice FM exists to voice the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. We support this by building a community of grace, hope and love. Essential to this is the need to develop strong families.

Voice 92.9 is Toowoomba’s only radio station committed to supporting young families and building community in partnership with our listeners, local churches and other community organisations.

Voice FM has been founded on Christian values and teaching, and we believe that the life-changing message of Jesus Christ is central to developing a strong healthy community. We hope to communicate His love through our relationships, messages, music and connection with both the Churches of Toowoomba and the broader community.

As a not-for-profit radio station, we would love for you to partner with us financially in providing services within the community that build strong families (such as Carelines, Counselling Services, Youth Groups, Playgroups, Outreach Groups, Rehabilitation Centres, Welfare Agencies etc), to do so, please become a Voice Partner by calling our office, or visiting our Donation page.

How do we select the music?

We are often asked why do we play the blend of music we play.

We seek to only play songs that celebrate the qualities of the community we desire to support. We endeavour to only play music that is suitable for the whole family and aim to be fresh and current with our sound.