By: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House

When Canada legislated nationally for same sex marriage in 2005 many couples took advantage of the new law. But more than a decade later, the latest census shows that same sex marriages make up less than 1 percent of all marriages.

What We Can Learn From Canada

That number includes both formal marriages and common law marriages. Fewer than half of Canada’s same sex couple choose the formal marriage option. However while the number of same sex marriages has not been particularly large, the impact has been more significant on Canadian culture, including religious freedom.

To learn from the Canadian experience Open House turned to Ray Pennings, Executive Vice President of the Christian think tank Cardus, based in Ottawa. Ray suggests it is important for Churches and Christians to engage in the debate based on factual data, and to speak with love and grace.

Listen: Ray Pennings, Executive Vice President of Cardus, in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

Article supplied with thanks to Open House.

About the Author: Stephen O’Doherty is a broadcaster, journalist, former member of parliament, and the Host of Open House – a weekly three-hour live talk-back radio show exploring life, faith and hope from a Christian perspective.