By: Laura Bennett

As we hit the halfway mark on 2020, it’s a year that’s looked nothing like many would have hoped or dreamed. In fact, it’s been a pretty crummy way to ‘embark on a whole new decade’ but, like any unforeseen situation, it can end up reorienting us and paving the way for a new (and oftentimes better) road ahead.

Best known for his New York Times Bestseller Love Does, “recovering lawyer” and author Bob Goff said we can still love well in the midst of our struggle, and that new ‘life dreams and ambitions’ may be birthed in this season.

“We’ve been ricocheting off the walls of our houses and apartments all these months, and I think people are ready to get back to building this rocket ship that they wanted to be their life”, Bob said.

“For some of us [during the COVID crisis], we’ve decided we’re going to make a shift because we moved away from the office that we were working in, or that relationship that was a little strained — we got some distance from it. And I think a lot of people instead or re-entering their old life they [want to] engage their new life,” he said.

Given his practical approach to serving communities and loving others, Bob realises the challenges the COVID crisis presents, but says that shouldn’t change our commitment to love well.

“Hopefully [our love] looks like all the other seasons but maybe the degree of empathy for people who react in a really negative way to being confined in small spaces [would go up],” said Bob. “I just think giving people a little bit of slack — given that these have been peculiar times. We could be a little bit more generous in the assumptions we’re making about why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

During the pandemic it’s very easy for our friendships to be completely consumed by news of the day and how our lives have been upheaved, but it also provides an opportunity for transparency and encouragement.

“Instead of just talking about the weather, or what happened, or what a raw deal it was…talk about these questions: what do you want? Why do you want it? And what are you going to do about it?” Bob said.

In fostering thoughtful conversation, we can get clarity on what our values truly are and the next steps we need to take to pursue what matters to us. For Bob, this time’s refined his own approach to loving well — and highlighted the pros and cons of digital connection.

“While [online interaction] is efficient, what I’ve found is that love is at its best when it isn’t efficient,” Bob said.

“One of the things that I’m prompted to do is to be more extravagant in my love.

“And that doesn’t mean dropping a bunch of cash on someone necessarily; it means what if you were just extravagant with your time? What if you said I’m not going to send anybody to voicemail for a week — I’m going to answer all of my phone calls?”

Bob Goff’s next book Dream Big is out June 9. You can also join him online this week at the Connect20 summit.

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About the Author: Laura is a media professional, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.