By: Freedom for Faith

Labour Party councillor Chika Amadi, a member on the United Kingdom’s Harrow Council, says changes in the law regarding same-sex marriage have stripped her of her right to free speech.


“I’ve been silenced,” she says. “It’s like I’ve been intimidated and it’s not something any country should allow to happen.”

Councillor Amadi was suspended from the United Kingdom’s Labour Party. A social media storm erupted after she shared a story from a Christian news site Lifesitenews about nude men at a gay pride event in Toronto, forcing a little girl to cover her eyes.

She says that the level of pressure she has come under not to criticise same-sex marriage is unlike any she has ever experienced before.

“Even in Nigeria I had better freedom of speech than [I have] now,” Councillor Amadi says.

“I had the right to practice my faith. I had the right of freedom of expression.”

Councillor Amadi says she is not alone. Many people in the United Kingdom have faced legal action for expressing faith positions that differ from the common acceptance of same-sex marriage.

“Right now, we see a lot of people speaking of their faith [and] being arrested, being intimidated” she says.

“Even in Nigeria I had better freedom of speech than [I have] now.” – Chika Amadi

Councillor Amadi says British Christians are among those who have lost their political voice, and she believes it is because they did not speak up sooner.

“We shied away from speaking out, and supporting those who are out there speaking.”

She has a message for Australians who are happy to have decisions regarding same-sex marriage made for them by politicians and lobby groups.

“Please, don’t sit back, “Councillor Amadi says. “see what is happening in the UK. It will happen in Australia, and it will be a very dangerous, regretful position for a lot of people, especially people of faith.”

Watch: Councillor Chika Amadi share about the Christian voice being silenced in the UK and the necessity for Australians to speak up by voting.

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