By: Lorrene McClymont

I have to admit I have been really struggling with feelings of heaviness, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes I can feel the weight of the world at the moment. It’s a heavy place to be and it just seems like I can’t escape tough conversations and constant opinions even for a second.

Don’t misunderstand me, we need to have heavy, hard conversations. We need to think critically, we need to inform ourselves about the world around us. My issue is that with how connected our society is, I can’t seem to escape it.

This is your reminder if you are feeling the weight of it all to turn it off. Turn off the phone, the TV, the laptop, put down the tablet. Whatever it is, unfollow the influencer, leave the group chat, it is ok to do those things to protect yourself from the constant bombardment of opinion and feedback everywhere you turn.

I have done those things in the last few months and I am better for it. Sometimes you just need to take a moment away from it all and quiet the noise. There is only one voice we should be listening to, one voice we follow and we aren’t going to find it in the cacophony of noise constantly blaring at us. If it’s all getting a bit much, turn it off and listen for the still small voice.

Article supplied with thanks to 1079life.

Lorrene McClymont is an Author and Photographer from Natural Hope Photography.

Feature image: Photo by Craig Garner on Unsplash